About us page for co-founders of Dream Team Therapy: occupational and speech therapy resources for therapists, teachers, and parents.

Who We Are

Ashley, an occupational therapist, and Emily, a speech therapist, have worked together at a private pediatric outpatient clinic for over four years. Before they knew each other well, they spontaneously decided to go together on a European vacation to Italy and France. Getting trapped in Rome because of airport disasters proved to be a great bonding experience, and the two became close friends!  

The Dream Team name started as a joke after Ashley and Emily both became lead therapists at the clinic. Through many co-treat sessions and constant collaboration to provide effective and meaningful therapy for their kids, Dream Team also began to refer to how great a session can be when both disciplines are being incorporated successfully.  Ashley and Emily started Dream Team Therapy to show how speech and occupational therapy can creatively join forces to maximize therapy outcomes. Our goal is to provide useful and creative resources for therapists, teachers, and parents.

Dream With Us

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