Free Christmas Worksheets for Kids

Free Christmas Worksheets for Kids

Enjoy these free Christmas worksheets for kids! This printable pack is sure to keep the kids entertained while working on those fine motor skills! Have fun completing tracing, coloring, cutting, and counting holiday activities!

Free Christmas tracing, cutting, coloring, and counting worksheets for kids! Enjoy fun holiday activities in this fine motor printable pack! #christmas #holiday #cutting #tracing #counting #prewriting #coloring

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The Free Christmas Worksheets for Kids Includes:

  • Count and Dot Pages (#s 1-12)
  • Zig-Zag and Curved Mazes
  • Beginner Cutting Lines (Straight, Zig-Zag, and Curved)
  • Color by Number Worksheet (colored directions and non-colored directions)
  • Follow the Direction Coloring Worksheet (coloring and non-colored directions)

Note: For children who cannot read the instructions on the Color by Number sheets, I recommend coloring the directions beforehand to assist them. However, I also included the same pages with colored directions just in case.

Free Christmas coloring worksheets for kids! Choose between a color-by-number printable and a following directions printable! Children will enjoy these fun holiday pages! #christmas #prewriting #occupationaltherapy

You May Need:

Targeted Skills

Fine Motor Skills

My favorite way to teach counting is with coloring pages! It’s easier for them to learn how to count items one at a time and they get to refine their fine motor skills by coloring the numbers. I placed the numbers on the counting sheets in circles for those of you using dot markers but feel free to get creative! You can use regular crayons or markers to fill in the sheets or my personal favorite – finger paint!

Visual Motor Skills

The easiest way to improve visual motor skills is by completing maze activities. It’s fun and works wonders for those visual scanning and attention skills. There are 6 mazes included in the pack with increasing difficulty.  Instruct the kids to remain on the gray lines (or as I like to tell them, “Stay on the road”).

Free Christmas counting and cutting worksheets for kids! Learn numbers 1-12 and practice cutting with straight, curved, and zig-zag lines! Children will enjoy these fun holiday pages! #christmas #fine motor #occupationaltherapy

Object Manipulation Skills

Cutting activities are great for teaching kids how to correctly manipulate scissors while holding onto the paper with their non-dominant hand.  There are several tricks you can use to increase their accuracy of cutting.  For example, cut out each individual cutting strip.  Holding onto a smaller piece of paper while cutting allows for more control of the scissors.  I also love using the sticker method! I place small stickers along the cutting line that the kids have to cut through (like checkpoints) before reaching the end.  It helps keep their focus on the line.

Free Christmas tracing worksheets for kids! Try staying between the lines while completing curved and zig-zag mazes! Children will enjoy these fun holiday pages! #christmas #prewriting #finemotor #occupationaltherapy

Visual Scanning Skills

Color by number activities are great to practice visual scanning and number recognition. Another way to increase the difficulty of the activity is to cut off the directions and read them out loud to practice the child’s memory and listening skills!  Furthermore, coloring is also a great opportunity to practice coloring within the lines.

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