Free Exercise Board Game Printable

Free Exercise Board Game Printable

Get up and move with this free exercise board game for kids! This printable game board includes several body movements that will work on improving coordination, core strength, balance, and endurance. Whether it’s a rainy day inside, outside on the playground, or within a therapy session, kids will love having fun with this movement activity!

Free Exercise Board Game Printable! It’s the perfect gross motor game for kids and teens! Practicing increasing your strength, coordination, and balance! #grossmotor #strength #coordination #balance #exercise #exerciseforkids #freeprintable #occupationaltherapy #boardgame #activitiesforkids #indooractivities #outdooractivities

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What’s Included in the Free Printable:

The free exercise board game printable includes:

  • A one page game board filled with different movement activities to be performed (recommended for kids age 4 and above). Some of the exercises include jumping jacks, bear crawls, marching, and 1 leg hops.
  • A numbered paper spinner if needed. Use it by holding a pencil in the center (or attach a brass fastener) and using a paper clip as the spinner.  Rolling a die works great, too!

You May Need:

Free Exercise Board Game Printable! It’s the perfect gross motor game for kids and teens! Practicing increasing your strength, coordination, and balance! #grossmotor #strength #coordination #balance #exercise #exerciseforkids #freeprintable #occupationaltherapy #boardgame #activitiesforkids #indooractivities #outdooractivities

Directions for the Free Exercise Board Game:

  1. First, take turns using the spinner or roll a die to move along the game board.
  2. Then, perform the gross motor task that you landed on.  Depending on the child’s skill level, exercises may have to be modified. For example, decrease the number of repetitions performed or distance needed to travel.
  3. Finally, whoever reaches the end of the board game is a winner!

To make the board game re-usable, I recommend laminating it or using dry erase pockets. Similarly, I recommend laminating the spinner as well. Use a hole punch or scissors to make a hole in the center if you are using a fastener to attach the paperclip for spinner. However, there’s no need for a hole if you are using the pencil method.

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How do you get your kids moving? Let me know in the comments below!

Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones is co-founder of Dream Team Therapy and an occupational therapist who is currently working in the outpatient setting. She has been practicing for 6 years and has spent each year in her favorite specialty - pediatrics. The best part about being a pediatric therapist is the opportunity to be creative, use your imagination, play everyday. She hopes to bring that same spirt to Dream Team Therapy. When she's not making printables or crafting, she's most likely dancing to Beyoncé, applying a face mask, or reading a good book.

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