Free Lucky Shamrock Activity

Free Lucky Shamrock Activity

Teach kids how to reflect on what they are lucky for this St. Patrick’s Day using the free lucky shamrock activity. Decorate the clover leaves and write (or draw) what makes you lucky. This cut-and-paste activity is perfect for all ages!

Free lucky shamrock activity for St. Patrick's Day! Color the clover leaves and write what you are lucky for. Perfect for kids of all ages! #occupationaltherapy #speechtherapy #stpatricksday #shamrock #clover

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Contents for the Free Lucky Shamrock Activity:

  • Worksheet with an outlined 3 leaf clover
  • Worksheet with 3 heart shaped clover leaves for cutting and pasting


  1. Write (or draw) 3 things that you are lucky for on the 3 hearts (clover leaves) provided.
  2. Cut out each heart and paste onto the shamrock worksheet.
  3. Feel free to decorate and color the leaves as you please!

You May Need:

Free lucky shamrock activity for St. Patrick's Day! Practice using fine motor skills like writing and cutting while reflecting on what makes you lucky! Perfect for kids of all ages! #occupationaltherapy #speechtherapy #stpatricksday #shamrock #clover

Skills Targeted

Handwriting: This is a great creative activity for beginner writers! For extra handwriting practice, add lines inside of the hearts for extra practice with keeping their letters on the line! For those who are still struggling to write letters, have them draw pictures to represent what they are lucky for!

Fine Motor: Craft activities are great for working on fine motor precision skills. Use short and thin utensils like crayons to encourage a tripod grasp. There is also the added bonus of trying to color inside the lines!

Object manipulation: Using scissors targets several skills. For instance, bilateral coordination is needed to control the paper with one hand while cutting with the other. Furthermore, visual motor skills are required to follow along the lines when cutting out the feathers. Hearts are great practice for cutting out rounded and cornered shapes.

Free lucky shamrock activity for St. Patrick's Day! Cut out and decorate the clover leaves with what makes you lucky! Perfect for kids of all ages!

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Comment below with what you would write on your shamrock!

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