Free Valentine’s Day Letters for Kids

Free Valentine’s Day Letters for Kids

Practice writing with these free Valentine’s Day letters for kids! This printable is great for all ages. Choose between a love letter with writing prompts or a blank love letter for creative writing. Will you write to a secret admirer, your best friend, or a family member??

Free Valentine's Day love letters for kids! Choose between a blank template and a template with writing prompts! Perfect for all ages! #valentinesday #loveletter #handwriting #occupationaltherapy #speechtherapy

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What’s Included in the Free Valentine’s Letters Printable

The free Valentine’s Day letter printable includes:

  • A love letter with writing prompts for gratitude and reflection (outlined and color options available)
  • A blank love letter with lined paper for creative writers (outlined and color options available)


Based on the age of the person writing the letter, choose the appropriate letter template. Beginner writers will appreciate the writing prompts while more experienced writers can use the blank templates.

You May Need:

Enjoy these Valentine's Day love letters for kids! Choose between a template with writing prompts or a blank template for more advanced writers! Kids will love sending these off to their loved ones! #valentinesday #loveletters #occupational therapy #freeprintable

Skills Targeted

Handwriting: When completing this activity, practice writing words along the baseline and controlling the size of the individual letters. Additionally, monitor the space between words and letters. Is it too far apart or too close together? All of these components contribute to writing legibility.

To add in some extra fine motor and manipulation practice, fold the letter and place it into an envelope! Decorate the envelope and send it off to the recipient (sell it with a kiss!)!

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