Toy Review: Yoga Spinner Game

Toy Review: Yoga Spinner Game

Get ready for a toy review of my new favorite game – Yoga Spinner! I’ll be discussing the pros, cons, targeted skills, and ways to modify the game if needed. Let’s start stretching and moving!

Toy review on the game yoga spinner! It’s a great game for kids and teens focusing on balance, coordination, strength, and team work! It’s also a new occupational therapy staple! #grossmotor #strength #coordination #balance #exercise #exerciseforkids #occupationaltherapy #game #spinnergame #activitiesforkids #indooractivities #outdooractivities #toyreview #yoga #yogaspinner #teamwork

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Included in Yoga Spinner

Yoga Spinner includes:

  • 4 categories of movement cards (including partner poses!)
  • A spinner which also contains a compartment to place all the cards for easy storage.

Recommended Age Range

  • The manufacturer recommends Yoga Spinner for ages 5 – 15 years old.

How to Play

The goal of Yoga Spinner is to be the first person to collect a colored card from each of the 4 categories. The spinner contains a few different options including losing a turn, picking the card of your choosing, stealing another player’s card, and dictating which card another person must pick. When you get a card, you must perform that pose for 10 seconds to earn it. 

Toy review on the game yoga spinner! It’s a great game for kids and teens focusing on balance, coordination, strength, and team work! It’s also a new occupational therapy staple! #grossmotor #strength #coordination #balance #exercise #exerciseforkids #occupationaltherapy #game #spinnergame #activitiesforkids #indooractivities #outdooractivities #toyreview #yoga #yogaspinner #teamwork

Yoga Spinner Toy Review

Pros: Kids love Yoga Spinner! Even my clients who are the most reluctant to move due to poor strength or coordination get excited when we play this game.  I think Yoga Spinner is such a hit because it does not feel like exercise – you’re just having fun! Also, I love the addition of 2 person poses. It’s great for teaching teamwork and body awareness.

Cons: Some of the card poses in Yoga Spinner are very advanced. I wish there was a junior version of the game with lower level cards. However, I make it work during therapy by teaching modified versions, encouraging kids to try their best (even if it does not look like the kid on the card), and allowing them to forfeit their turn (which mostly they don’t because they want to win!). 

Ways to Modify for All Skill Levels

Upgrading the Game: I usually have my clients perform the cards for a certain length of time depending on their age in order to earn it. For older kids, this may be higher than the recommended 10 seconds to further increase strength, postural control, and balance. 

Downgrading the Game: I mentioned that one of my cons of Yoga Spinner were the high level poses of the game. To fix this, I actually created my own junior version of the game by taking pictures of lower level cards I already own, pasting them to construction paper, and laminating them. Now, I have cards that I can use with younger kids (below 5 years old) or kids with decreased gross motor skills.

Targeted Skills

Yoga Spinner targets several areas addressed in occupational therapy:

  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Body Awareness
  • Emotional Regulation during Social Play (ex: working together, appropriate win/lose behaviors)

Hopefully, you found this toy review helpful. Check out Yoga Spinner for yourself here! Also, If you are looking for more ways to get your kids to move, download our FREE exercise board game printable as well as read my top 3 tips for getting kids motivated to move!

There are so many great benefits to practicing yoga with kids! What are your favorite movement games or ideas? I’m always on the hunt. Leave a comment below!

Update: I found out that the Thinkfun company who makes Yoga Spinner has a fantastic blog for educators!

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    Looks like fun! I’d be interested in the lower level version maybe lol. Not a yoga pro but will try

    1. Ashley Jones

      Haha! Some of the original game cards are super tough and I’m convinced only acrobats can do it!

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